Catering Services
All catering services are provided "in-house" and our aim is to provide varied and nutritious menus with emphasis on home cooking. Although there are set daily menus for breakfast, lunch and evening meal, residents can order alternatives if the set meal is not to their liking. Diabetic diets are a regular part of the daily menu and other special dietary requirements can be catered for.
Hot drinks and snacks are available at all times throughout the day and night at no extra cost to residents or visitors.

Laundry & Housekeeping Facilities
We have our own on-site laundry equipped with the most up to date machines and cleaning systems. We also provide a free of charge clothes marking facility to ensure that whatever goes to the laundry will find its way back to the correct person.
As well as our nursing and catering staff, we have a very dedicated Ancillary Services team providing non-nursing duties such as general housekeeping, cleaning and laundering.
All the rooms are cleaned daily by the team to ensure only the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained.
The buildings, equipment and premises are also overseen by our own very experienced full time Maintenance Team. There are no extra "hidden" charges for any of these services we provide.

Other Services
A local hairdresser attends the home each Saturday and we can normally organise for other professional services such as manicure and chiropody to be carried out at the residents' request.